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Vehicle Tracking


Major Benefits of GPS Vehicle Tracking     Lower fuel costs Elimination of unnecessary overtime More accurate billing for jobs Elimination of unauthorized vehicle use More efficient routing Improved response time Safer driving techniques  

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Enduro Pro


Extreme Track Enduro Simply the Easiest & Smallest GPS Tracker To Use Revolutionary GPS Tracker w/ Small, Rugged Design Rechargeable Battery Power Up To 5 Days Of Continuous Tracking Splash Resistant Panic Button For Emergency Fast Tracking Smallest & Most Sensitive GPS Tracker In The World No Software To Install Highly Sensitive GPS Trackers Works Where Other GPS Trackers Fail The Extreme Track Enduro GPS Tracker is one of the smallest, most lightweight GPS Trackers available on the market today. This self-contained GPS Tracker requires no external connections or antennas, which means you can instantly track a vehicle or person completely covertly. Simply place the device in a glove compartment or similar discreet location and begin tracking. This extremely sensitive device features superior receiving ability for real-time location updates on any computer with Internet. It’s enhanced GPS sensitivity using GPRS and GSM networks, allows it to work in places where

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Teen Tracker


With today’s GPS tracking technology, parents can know at all times where their children are. GPS technology is an exciting new means by which parents can ascertain their children’s whereabouts. A concern for one’s children is instinctive. When it starts getting late, parents spend the evening anxiously pacing the floor waiting for a teenager to return home. When a child is away, the concern lingers. Parental concerns are not unfounded. Children are often victimized in today’s society. Being able to check on a child’s whereabouts at any time can offer peace of mind. Also, when children know that their whereabouts are being tracked, they are encouraged to be more careful and behave properly. GPS tracking makes it easy to answer the question “Do you know where your children are?” The government for surveillance and intelligence purposes initially developed GPS systems. An array of satellites relays signals to a computer to

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Lone Worker Protection


If you or your employees work in remote or potentially volatile situations and a problem arises, you will want help to arrive as quickly as possible. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) describes loan workers as “those who work by themselves without close or direct supervision.” This doesn’t necessarily mean that they work by themselves all the time, but spend a large proportion of their time without close interaction with colleagues. Lone workers may be at greater risk of violence or accidents. Lone worker protection may be valuable to people who: Work away from their base sales people service engineers Visit other people in their homes health care workers social services. Work outside in the community environmental officers probation officers. Work outside normal hours or are the only person on the premises shift or flexi-time workers security workers Improving communication helps to reduce risks and may reduce thefeeling of vulnerability.

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