Enduro Pro

Extreme Track Enduro Simply the Easiest & Smallest GPS Tracker To Use

Revolutionary GPS Tracker w/ Small, Rugged Design

  1. Rechargeable Battery Power Up To 5 Days Of Continuous Tracking
  2. Splash Resistant
  3. Panic Button For Emergency Fast Tracking
  4. Smallest & Most Sensitive GPS Tracker In The World
  5. No Software To Install


Highly Sensitive GPS Trackers Works Where Other GPS Trackers Fail

The Extreme Track Enduro GPS Tracker is one of the smallest, most lightweight GPS Trackers available on the market today. This self-contained GPS Tracker requires no external connections or antennas, which means you can instantly track a vehicle or person completely covertly. Simply place the device in a glove compartment or similar discreet location and begin tracking. This extremely sensitive device features superior receiving ability for real-time location updates on any computer with Internet. It’s enhanced GPS sensitivity using GPRS and GSM networks, allows it to work in places where traditional GPS Trackers fail. These features eliminate expensive and time-consuming installation and make it easy to install or remove.
Get Instant Geofence Alerts Via SMS Or E-mail

Based on your personal preferences, get instant alerts via e-mail or text message the moment your GPS Tracker goes outside of a designated area. Perfect for monitoring employees using company cars or teen drivers. Find out exactly where they’ve been and get instant alerts on your cell or e-mail if they leave a designated area.


Speed Alert Monitoring

Review how fast your vehicle has been traveling on the Bolt Server’s professional grade interface.
Panic Button For Emergency Notification

Press the panic button and in seconds, a covert distress signal will be sent via e-mail or text message to a custom contact. Automatically, a location beacon will appear on the map so you can find the GPS Tracker’s location quickly and easily. Executives or employees traveling with valuable assets have used this valuable tool for years. Or, outfit a child with this GPS Tracker and he or she can press a button to instantly notify a parent if they feel in danger. The panic button can be pressed continually to send multiple alerts.

Simply Charge & Track Most Tracking Power Packed Into Smallest GPS Tracker Available

Get Detailed Tracking Information Including Maps And Alerts

100% Web Based Secure Online Access
Access your location information from any computer with Internet, anywhere in the world. The Extreme Track Enduro uses our unique Extreme Track Tracking Server, which allows users to check important location data securely online.

Unparalleled Accuracy Within 10 Meter Of Exact Location
You will get an accurate GPS location to within a few Meters even if your tracker moves indoors.

Extreme Track Enduro Features Fastest Start-Up Location Time
The Extreme Track Enduro features the fastest TTFF start-up GPS location time available. From the moment you turn on the Extreme Track Enduro, it only takes about 40 seconds until you start transmitting GPS location data. Turn it on and the Extreme Track Enduro GPS Tracker will quickly warm up and start transmitting your GPS location data faster than any other GPS Tracker. Once charged, simply press and hold the power button until the right LED light flashes red. The unit is now active and will begin to report locations automatically. The right LED will indicate network and GPS status.

Water Resistant For Rugged Outdoor Use
The Extreme Track Enduro’s small, rugged, and water resistant design makes it the perfect accessory for all your covert tracking operations. Place this GPS Tracker almost anywhere: on a person, in a bag, in a car, or even use the optional magnetized case to attach it underneath a car for covert GPS tracking. The rugged and water resistant design can withstand the harshest elements for unparalleled reliability and GPS Tracking capabilities.

Rechargeable Battery
This GPS is always ready when you are because it is totally rechargeable for up to 5 days of continuous power. Simply plug the Extreme Track Enduro into any computer and charge it with the included USB cable, or plug it into the wall with the included 240 VAC wall charger. Log online to find out exactly how much battery life is available on our easy-to-use web interface.