Lone Worker Protection

If you or your employees work in remote or potentially volatile situations and a problem arises, you will want help to arrive as quickly as possible.
The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) describes loan workers as “those who work by themselves without close or direct supervision.” This doesn’t necessarily mean that they work by themselves all the time, but spend a large proportion of their time without close interaction with colleagues. Lone workers may be at greater risk of violence or accidents.

Lone worker protection may be valuable to people who:

  • Work away from their base
    • sales people
    • service engineers
  • Visit other people in their homes
    • health care workers
    • social services.
  • Work outside in the community
    • environmental officers
    • probation officers.
  • Work outside normal hours or are the only person on the premises
    • shift or flexi-time workers
    • security workers

Improving communication helps to reduce risks and may reduce thefeeling of vulnerability.
In very hazardous situations, then consideration may also need to be given to ‘Man Down’ Alarm Systems to provide additional security and peace of mind to the organisation and workforce alike.

Lone Worker Alarm Protection

For just a few cents per day, you can have lone worker monitoring protection running around the clock with GPS location tracking and instant panic alarm alerts.

SOS Alert: Sends your location to multiple emails or texts.

Extreme Track GT500 Guardian

Extreme Track GT500 Guardian

Extreme Track: Console Every GPS Tracking Device comes with the Extreme Track Console – a comprehensive PC-based tracking application that enables Alarms and Geo-fences to be configured to suit your specific needs.


System Requirements: Mac – PC – Windows connected to broadband, iOS or Android over 3G or higher

As well as the industry leading pricing, a key advantage of the GT500 Guardian: Lone worker protection system is that is will provide very precise location information about the person who pressed the button. Location information is accurate to within a few metres and this is available in real time, so you can watch the location of many employees on one (or more) management screen(s). Furthermore, you can set up location-based alerts. Location information is stored indefinitely so that you can easily follow up on any events even weeks after they have taken place.

GT500 Guardian : Is the tracking and emergency device, which guarantees you protection at all, times, helping protect lone workers undertaking potentially hazardous activities in the work place or individuals pursuing a leisure activity.

It is extremely easy to operate and can be programmed for your individual needs.
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The GT500 Guardian: is the ideal device to give peace of mind to organisations that have people who find themselves in vulnerable situations.

Simple, flexible setup

The GT500 Guardian : Can be programmed to:

  • Determine which number it calls in an emergency
  • How often and when to transmit location data
  • Record all events and positions

Ease of operation

The GT500 Guardian : Only has the indicators and buttons needed for its purpose. This minimizes the chance of false alarms.

Personal alarm activated manually or automatically should the lone worker or individual become incapacitated.

Reliable and sensitive

Extremely good reception
Optimized for maximum sensitivity.

Works even under the most difficult conditions.
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