Pricing & Leasing

We offer leasing on trackers for short and long term needs also available for single event hire , we can tailor your lease to fit a long  or short term with multiple or single tracker options.

For all pricing and Plans please contact us at

There are plans for tracking Vehicles, People, Assets, Tramping, Fishing and general tracking with full map access, SOS Functions, Reporting, Geo fencing and Real Time locates.

All Tracking is in real time and available for real time tracking on the internet and is compatible with most smart phones and tablets. The unit can poll anywhere between every 30 seconds to every 30 minutes, or can be set up to not poll at all until it is required to be located. The shorter the report time or more reports sent will affect the yearly tracking fee, please contact us for more options regarding having smaller report intervals. The more reports which are sent will use a greater amount of data which does cost extra and this additional charge covers the extra data usage charges.

There are no additional charges once you have signed up for your service,  There are also many accessories which can be purchased for use with your tracker some of them are listed below…

  • Mini Covert Case
  • Large Pelican covert case
  • Extended Battery packs for 3 or 6 month battery life
  • Car Cigarette Adapter
  • Car Hardwire Kit
  • Smartphone PDA Tracking Service

If you need to have specialist advise on which solution will be right for you and also to receive all our current plans please do not hesitate to use the email link above, we will come back to you and answer your queries and suggest the best product and or plan for your needs.
We have options for having the unit on a 12, 24 or 36 month contract to split the fees over the term.

For all pricing and Plans please contact us at