Hibernating Battery Pack


Extreme Track has combined our popular ExtremeTracker GPS Tracking Devices with a brand new weatherproof magnetic enclosure. This new pack can provide up to 90 days of unattEnded use by utilizing dual layers of state-of-the-art Lithium Ion Batteries and a motion sensor, which puts the tracker into hibernation after 5 minutes of inactivity. More info

Extreme Track AVL

Extreme Tracks  GT 300 AVL provides a technologically-superior vehicle tracking package for businesses, investigators, and individual users.  With features that far exceed those of its competitors, this durable GPS tracking system offers the latest in technology, more features, and reliability all in one affordable vehicle tracking device. More info


Extreme Track MT-100 (Motorcycles)


Extreme Track’s MT-100 tracking device is specifically designed for motorcycle tracking and other applications requiring outdoor exposure and low power consumption. The MT-100 tracker provides the efficiency, durability, and technological advancements users need in a motorcycle tracker, and offers more features than other trackers in the same price range. More info

Extreme Track GT500 Guardian


The GT500 Guardian Wi-Fi Tracker is the ultimate personal tracker for those who need the ability to alert others or call for help in an emergency. Unlike many such devices, the GT500 Guardian is more than just a GSM/GPS device – it’s also equipped for wireless internet connectivity (Wi-Fi), making it one of the most versatile devices and perfect for use in any environment. More info

Extreme Track Global Asset Tracker

This tiny device can be easily placed or hidden in a vehicle or other asset.  It’s deployed with a prepaid SIM card with no monthly recurring charges.  Programmed for easy and automatic updates even when inactive, the Global Asset Tracker allows access for a limited time every day to receive needed information. More Info