Teen Tracker

With today’s GPS tracking technology, parents can know at all times where their children are. GPS technology is an exciting new means by which parents can ascertain their children’s whereabouts.

A concern for one’s children is instinctive. When it starts getting late, parents spend the evening anxiously pacing the floor waiting for a teenager to return home. When a child is away, the concern lingers.

Parental concerns are not unfounded. Children are often victimized in today’s society. Being able to check on a child’s whereabouts at any time can offer peace of mind. Also, when children know that their whereabouts are being tracked, they are encouraged to be more careful and behave properly.

GPS tracking makes it easy to answer the question “Do you know where your children are?” The government for surveillance and intelligence purposes initially developed GPS systems. An array of satellites relays signals to a computer to allow one to determine with amazing exactness the location of any person with a tracking device.

This seemingly futuristic technology is readily available today at low cost, with new GPS products being developed regularly. A tracking chip can be placed in a car, watch, or cell phone. Some manufacturers are experimenting with necklaces, plastic phone sleeves, backpack tags, and other possible chip-carrying accessories.

A child can be given a tracking device to make information on their whereabouts immediately available to their parents. With only a few keystrokes, parents can log in to a provider-maintained website and get the location information.

GPS devices can be programmed in a number of ways. Some devices simply track location, while others can be programmed to alert parents if a child leaves established safe zones. The tracking process can be customized with regard to how much and what type of information you want. For example, you may want to know the general vicinity of your child’s location instead of an exact location or something in between.

Being able to track a child with GPS technology is an inviting idea to any parent who has experienced the fear of losing a child in a crowd or who has worried about a child’s well being during travel. It is a relief to be able to know their child’s whereabouts at any time.

Tracking with GPS also helps parents encourage positive behaviours. Children who know they are being tracked are far less likely to engage in forbidden activities or irresponsible actions. GPS tracking will not stop a teen from going on an ill-advised road trip, but it will give him a good reason to think twice before he does.

The use of GPS tracking is growing, and will only skyrocket as new products become available and competition continues to force the price down. This new technology provides parents with an effective means of enhancing their child’s safety.

Extreme Track has a Teen Tracking service which starts at $499 for the GPS Tracker and 12 months subscription to the tracking service.

This is a real-time tracker that can update from every 30 seconds to every 30 minutes and can also be located anytime. Real Time maps can be accessed on any smart phone, tablet or PC. Couple this great technology with Geofences, Speed Alerts, SOS Functions and you can be assured your teen is being protected by the most sophisticated technology available.

Extreme track prides itself on providing a service at a price, which is affordable and reasonable. Now there is an affordable solution for concerned parents wanting to protect their children


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